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The Vision of the Sabankaya Family—Implementing a Comprehensive Continuum of Care

The Sabankaya family is happy to announce its plan to remedy the situation by adding a continuum of care component. Fortunately, the Sabankaya family owns other facilities, all of which will serve as a network of interconnected step-down systems. Once implemented, a client who nears his or her graduation from the highly structured programs at Riviera Care will be introduced to the more independent programs to which the client will be moving. Staff from the step-down facility will make scheduled visits to the client, developing a relationship of trust and comfort, before graduation. At the same time, the client will acclimate to the step-down facility by making routine visits to it before actually moving in, something that is very critical in the treatment of such fragile clientele.

The vision of the Sabankaya family is to create a wellness system that will provide A to Z mental health services for all clients; “A” being the worst scenario where a client comes from jail or an IMD, and “Z” being the case of the client living independently, holding a job. The most important aspect of the vision is never to lose contact with the client, especially when there is a problem, being able to intervene with systematic support before the client falls all the way back to the bottom.

Up until this point, the idea of keeping track of all clients’ treatment plans, their failures and successes, their likes, dislikes, and any other crucial information would seem an insurmountable task; however, the Sabankaya family is well on its way to developing an efficient tool to accomplish just that. In 2003, the family designed a sophisticated software program that allowed it to manage all of the intricate functions of its mental health services (including billing, payroll, database information, and communication among the staff with the county and family members in real time). This is a critical piece that has been missing from the mental health puzzle because every time a client is admitted to a new facility, there is not a comprehensive record of the client’s past treatments or behaviors available, requiring staff to start from zero each time, again, wasting precious community resources and potentially interrupting any existing treatment.

Thank you…

We want to thank you for taking an interest in our programs and vision for the future. If we can be of any service to you, a loved one, or a client, please contact us and open the line of communication.